Wastewater Recycling

Hulsey Environmental Services is the area leader in Wastewater Recycling

Our land application is the wastewater recycling process in which we use treated wastewater as fertilizer for crops. As the volume of septic tank and commercial waste has increased over time, local sewer systems have not been able to handle all of the wastewater produced. Hulsey Environmental helps resolve these wastewater issues by offering the local industry wastewater pumping, hauling and recycling services.

The wastewater we collect is delivered to our own farm, LHR Farms. LHR Farms and other similar facilities across the state are meeting this growing demand by offering a safe alternative to “midnight dumping” a common and damaging practice for local municipalities.

Contact Hulsey Environmental Services today to make an appointment with one of our sales reps. We are well-versed in handling any wastewater problem you may have. Phone: 770-536-1161

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