Wastewater Recycling

Hulsey Environmental works hand in hand with LHR Farms.  After wastewater is collected it is brought to LHR Farms it is treated and recycled.

The farm tests the effectiveness of its wastewater recycling operations in many ways. The crops and hay are periodically tested to check for proper nutrient uptake. Sentinel wells are used to assure that pollutants do not leave the property or its buffers in groundwater. The farm currently tests water before it is land applied for final treatment. It tests for the presence of fecal coliform bacteria and nutrients to be sure that they are applied at safe and correct agronomic rates. Additionally, groundwater is tested for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), pH, nitrogen and specific conductivity to make sure that pollutants do not contaminate groundwater.

LHR Farms is also monitored monthly by the Georgia EPD as well as an independent third party monitoring company hired by LHR Farms to double check its safety levels.

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