Used Cooking Oil Removal

Hulsey Environmental Services is you source for picking up your restaurant’sĀ used cooking oil. We offer free containers for used cooking oil and we pick up your grease on a scheduled basis. As a result, theĀ disposal and/or recycling of your used cooking oil provides you with the satisfaction that you are contributing to a cleaner environment for your community. We dispose of and recycle at our own grease recycling facility, located in North Georgia.

Used Cooking Oil Removal, Pick Up

Used Cooking Oil Removal, Pick Up

Used Cooking Oil / Pick Up / Removal / Recycling Service

Hulsey Environmental converts your unwanted cooking oil into a renewable energy resource. We will provide you with secure storage, removal, disposal & recycling of all of your waste vegetable oil. Contact us today for immediate pick up of your used cooking oil. Phone: 770-536-1161

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