Septic System Care: Cheap Detergents, Drain Clogs & Septic Nightmares

Septic System Care

The American dream of being a home owner is still the cornerstone of American Culture. But there are unavoidable cost of ownership that in difficult economic times can make achieving that dream more difficult than ever. No matter how one budgets and plans there are some cost that are simply  unavoidable;  insurance, taxes, roofing, lawn care and plumbing. If you are a homeowner and have a private septic system you will need to have it pumped every three to five years. Hulsey Plumbing and septic service in North Georgia has served the community surrounding Gainesville Georgia and North Atlanta for nearly 100 years. In these difficult times we want to help you extend the life of your septic system. And when repairs are necessary don’t hesitate to call the number one drain cleaning, septic and general plumbing company in North Georgia.

Our tip this article is to ‘think about your suds’. Did you know that using the wrong type of detergent can actually cost you additional money in repairs to your drain and septic system. Much like high fatty foods can build up and clog your arteries, cheap detergent can cake up on the insides of your drain lines leading to and eventual massive coronary. Hulsey Plumbing and septic recommends the usage of liquid detergents to keep your pipes and drains flowing free. Don’t despair, if your homes plumbing drain and septic does become blocked from detergent buildup inside your lines Hulsey has just the solution. Our high tech pipe camera’s can pinpoint the exact location of your blockage. Then utilizing the highest level of professional expertise our trained plumbers and drain cleaners  can use High Velocity Pipe Jetting  to blast that detergent blockage  until it liquefies and eventually drains  properly.

Buying that cheap 5 gallon bucket of powder detergent may seem like a bargain when you are standing in line at your local discount warehouse club. But if that detergent leads to a clogged drain or septic system, then a few pennys more a week on a liquid detergent is clearly the better bargain.

This has been another Plumbing Tip By Hulsey Plumbing, septic, and Drain Cleaning, serving North Atlanta and North Georgia from our Gainesville Georgia headquarters for nearly a full century. Always call the plumbing and septic service you can trust, Hulsey Plumbing and septic 770-536-1161.

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