Repair A Flapper Valve

What’s  All The Flap About?

How to  Replace or Repair  that Broken Flapper Valve.

Your Flapper Valve sits in the heart of your toilet; it’s composed of 2 simple levers. The first lever has a float that raises and lowers.  When the reservoir is drained it allows water to flow in until that lever floats to a certain height. Once it’s reached the zenith of its maximum floatation range the levers motion shuts off a valve that controls the water coming into the toilet. This allows just the right amount of water to flow through the toilet and evacuate its contents into your sewer tank and drainage lines.

“Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world”.

The second Lever in this equation is the lever you push to “flush” your toilet.  On the inside of your tank there is an arm that extends about a foot. At the end of this Arm there is a chain pinned to that Arm that lowers to the bottom of the toilet where it connects to the “Flapper Valve”. That Valve is much like a stopper that you use to plug an old fashion bathtub. Composed of rubber this valve is buoyant. This valve is held to the bottom of the tank by the suction and force of the water above pressing downward. Once the lever is pressed the armature causes the rubber valve to float away from the exit to the reservoir. Once it is freed by its own buoyancy the water floods out of the reservoir and the First lever allows more water to flow in.

Money dripping down the Drain.

The most Common problem with a flapper valve: If the chain is too short the valve will never fully close. If that valve remains open slightly you will always here a slight trickle of water in your bathroom. This will eventually add up to big bucks, especially if you live in a region of the country like here in North Georgia where the water bills are “Graduated”, the more you use, the higher your rate of pay. Defects in the physical surface of the flapper valve can also cause the “slow trickle effect” Be sure to inspect your flapper valve for defects before you start adjusting the linkages in your flapper valve chain. Sometimes the arm will need to be replaced, or the seat where the arm connects to the external lever can sometimes be skewed or loose causing a fluctuating motion in the arm.

If you don’t know, Call a Pro.

Truthfully, If you value your time and lack the specific experience to get the Job done bringing in a “hired gun” is the way to go, after all your time is worth something.. If you don’t know how to properly adjust your flapper valve don’t despair, Hulsey Environmental Services in North Georgia fixes Flapper valves from Lilburn Ga to Jefferson Ga and beyond. And if you are not in our area check your google reviews to find the best, the worst plumbers will always have trail of broken hearted complaints trailing behind their local results. Flapper Valves are a simple mechanism that a professional plumber can usually adjust is a fraction of the time it might take you to DIY.

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