Are you ready for a Plumbing Emergency?

Steps to take in case of a Plumbing Emergency:

It’s an all to familiar story. A change in weather occurs, temperature changes cause pipes to expand and contract. Suddenly, a pipe joint or fitting begins to leak. All too soon a home owner notices wet spots in the carpeting, then a large stain in the roofing on the first floor, or in the basement. What should a home owner do?

Step 1:

First and foremost, before disaster ever even begins. A home owner should know where the master shutoff valve is located in their home. Every home has one, and in the case of a burst pipe or the sudden unexplained pooling of water. The first thing you must do is shutoff that water supply at the master shutoff valve.

Hulsey Plumbing of North Georgia recommends you know where your master shutoff valve is located
(Not all Master shut off valves look the same, they can be metal or pvc)

Often times the Master Shutoff valve will be located in the back of a utility closet or in a crawl space. It is critically important that once you identify the location of the master shutoff valve (prior to the disaster preferably), you need to ensure that the pathway to the valve remains unobstructed. If its in the back of a utility closet you can’t afford to spend 30 minutes clearing away items to get to the valve while your home rapidly fills with water. Know where the master shutoff valve is located and maintain an unobstructed pathway to the valve so when disaster strikes you are ready.

Step 2:

Know who to call for your plumbing emergency!
An emergency is precisely that, “an emergency”. Though not the sort that you would want to call 911. However, you still do need to know who to call in a plumbing disaster. If on a weekend, or holiday, you need to know that your local plumber is available. Hulsey Plumbing is here for you in North Georgia, Gainesville, Gwinnett, Alpharetta and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hulsey is a year round plumber ready to deal with your routine and emergency plumbing needs.

Hulsey Plumbing Hall County and surrounding areas of North Ga Provides emergency Plumbing service,

Don’t spend precious time trying to find a plumber when your home is in danger, Call a plumber that you know offers emergency service and won’t leave you waiting for hours on end while water destroys your home and its contents. Hulsey Plumbing can be reached 24×7 at the number North Georgia has trusted for 95 years 770-536-1161.


Step 3:

Water Containment: The long term damage of a water leak can be astonishing. It can even create a health risk to you and your family in the form of molds and mildews. When water has been introduced to your home its important to dry your home out as quickly as possible. At most hardware stores, like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart, you can purchase a shop wet vac for a reasonable price. You can then begin to vacuum the water from your carpets and low spots such as basements. Having removed the standing water you can further remove moisture by buying bags of moisture absorbing substances such as ‘kitty litter’ or charcoal for cooking.

Hulsey Plumbing Emergency moisture absorbant. Remove moisture from closed in areas.

Open the bags of drying agent (such as charcoal) in a closed in area that contains moisture from your disaster and they will begin to absorb the moisture through the air like a sponge. This can accelerate the drying process and keep molds and mildews from gaining a foothold in your home.

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