Pipe Leaks – Leak Repair

When a pipe in need of repair springs a leak, the situation can get out of control fast. You don’t want spraying and leaking water to wreak havoc and lead to huge repair bills. No pipe is indestructible (at least, not the ones used in plumbing). A leak can happen at any time, for any reason which is why it’s a good thing you have Hulsey Environmental on your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Know where your shutoff valve is located. Usually between your PRV (pressure regulation valve) Located at the street and the water heater of your home. When you notice flooding the first thing you must do immediately is not to try to cover up or dry up the water from the pipe leak. The first thing you must do is shutoff the Master Valve to your home. You can then think of damage control Once the valve is shutoff.

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