Is the pilot light out?

There are serveral things that can go wrong with a pilot light on a gas water heater. One day you may wake up and discover you have nothing but cold water. You may want to take a shower and find nothing but a frigid drizzle. This is usually when you will discover your pilot light has gone out. Why did it go out? The cause could be many different things. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a windy night that can blow the pilot light out. So, we will go over the basic troubleshooting steps to help you figure out what to do in this scenario.

First and foremost is to make sure that the unit has not been touched by vandals. It may appear to be in the on position when its actually not. Make certain the thermostat is in the proper location. Sometimes it’s not in the right position because someone left it in the wrong position. Then again, sometimes neighborhood kids could come through and tamper with it. You never know unless you check!

Next, you should investigate the pilot light. To do this you need to visually check to see if pilot light is lit. With a standard water heater you remove the cover on the outside. There is also an inner cover you may need to remove. Note: If you are not comfortable with this process you may need to call a certified technician to take this cover off and investigate for you: Hulsey Plumbing (770) 536-1161

Next, look and follow the tubes down and see what they are attached to. We are looking for that which is called the ‘pilot assembly’ in a pilot assembly there are three components lines where the main gas that comes in.  The lines lead through the cover and it goes past where actually attaches to burner.  There are three lines going down here. You follow the main to find out where the pilot light is located. The pilot assembly is right there next to the thermocouple.

What is the thermocouple? This is where the pilot flame actually fires  to create a little bit of an electric energy that holds a magnet inside a its located next to the main gas valve which doesn’t have it to do with the pilot except for the simple fact pilot assembly attaches to it with a couple little screws and a bracket that there the third is the pilot to itself which is what runs over and into the pilot assembly of the gas actually travels through into the pilot to make it go this is where the pilot to attaches to the pilot assembly If you follow up from that there you will find what we call the pilot itself.

The thermocouple goes up in past that typically to the left sometimes it’s to the right but it’s always to the side either way and absolutely blows against some violet assemblies are vertical as opposed to horizontal and you will spot the thermocouple always follow the copper lines of the thermocouple because that typically where your problem is that being if your pilot’s burnout and white

Peering in through the viewing window, what you’re looking for is a small blue flame.  If you Look in the window and see  there’s probably something else wrong with your gas valve or something along those lines then you probably need abetter certified person than yourself to address the problem.

Call a certified technician for Water Heater Service: Hulsey Plumbing (770) 536-1161

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