How Frequently should I pump my septic tank?

How often to pump your septic tank?

This is the one question that we here at Hulsey Environmental are asked more frequently than any other.

The answer:

It depends on your traffic and your ‘risk tolerance’, and the size of your tank.

         However; if you wait to long, you may pay much more.

Some solids tend to float, while other solids tend to sink. If your tank overfills those solids will back up into your fields lines and wreck your drainage field. This could turn a simple service job into a very big septic job. Hulsey Environmental recommends you service more frequently instead of ‘seeing how far you can push your luck’.

Hulsey Environmental can Jet your tank and lines as well as provide additive treatments to extend the time between servicing of your tank.

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For Commercial Septic Tanks, septic service needs to be performed far more frequently, usually months instead of years. Septic tanks or cesspools can accumulate large amounts of bio-solids in a very short period of time. Residential septic systems do not have the volume that a commercial system is placed under, and so they have time to break down the solids in the septic tank.

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