Fryer Grease Pick Up / Removal

Fryer grease, also known as yellow grease or waste vegetable oil, is a waste product from restaurants and food processing establishments that Hulsey Environmental Services recycles into bio-diesel fuel and/or animal feed stock.

Fryer Grease Pick Up Service

Hulsey has scheduled routes for grease pick up in the North Georgia area. We service the greater metro Atlanta area as well as Blairsville to the North and Macon to the south. Hulsey will provide your business, restaurant, food processing plant, poultry plant, hospital, school, virtually any business that produces used fryer grease with the most effective and environmentally sound solutions that are available today.

Fryer/Yellow Grease/Used Cooking Oil Containers

Hulsey offers onsite, easy-to-use storage containers for your used fryer grease. We will provide you with a FREE used cooking oil container to store your used kitchen grease until our pick up service arrives. Our prompt and timely scheduled maintenance ensures that your used fryer grease container will never over flow and will be kept clean so you comply with all health and regulation standards.

Having the right grease removal vendor who comes on a regular schedule make a restaurant run more efficiently. Hulsey prides itself on doing the job right in north Georgia.

Contact Hulsey Environmental Services today for immediate pick up of your fryer grease. Phone: 770-536-1161

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