Can I afford to wait to upgrade that water heater?

In today’s economy it’s hard to justify spending money on anything that is not clearly essential. The price of food is double what it was 10 years ago. Gasoline sits at an outrageous price at the pump, and who knows when it will go back up or back down? There was a time when 60 dollars a barrel of crude was inconceivable but now 100 a barrel is hardly worth mentioning. But even with all the cutbacks people are forced to make in order to make ends meet there are still some things we need to spend money on in order to save money in the long run.

Take tires for example. You could continue to ride on those ‘baloney skins’. But when that tire blows out and leaves your car in the ditch forcing you to call a tow truck you will wish you had just ‘ponied up the cash up front’ to save you even more money in towing bills. Or what if your bald tires lead to a car wreck and medical bills because of an accident that could have been avoided with slightly better tires. And what about that electric toothbrush you have used for years. That thing keeps your teeth much cleaner than a conventional toothbrush. If it wears out and breaks, do you go back to a product that you know won’t do the job as well? Lets face it you only have one set of teeth, and the cost of a root canal and x-rays will certainly be much much higher than a little preventive maintenance with a toothbrush you trust. It may seem counter-intuitive but sometimes you have to spend money, to save money.

But, what about upgrading your Water heater? It may seem that waiting for that old water heater to breathe its final breath before buying a new one is the most reasonable course, but this isn’t so. Each year a waterheater is in operation it becomes less and less efficient, while new water heaters are increasingly efficient. Energy star and government regulations about energy efficiency are not static. Just like air conditioning, each year the seer rating improves for the new models. Likewise Water Heaters improve. You might think that the energy cost of your water heater is low, but according to government statistics on average a water heater accounts for 18 percent of your homes energy consumption!

How often does a water heater need to be replaced? Well they can conceivably last 15 years, but the government dept of energy recommends every seven years to get the best cost vs. performance from your unit, and here at Hulsey Plumbing in North Georgia we recommend the same. Don’t let an antiquated Water Heater Replacement drain your bank account. And when you need replacement, Hulsey Plumbing does installations in addition to repairs. Call the name you can trust, Hulsey Plumbing – (770) 536-1161.

Hulsey Plumbing, replacing old worn out water heaters for over 95 years and saving you money and time.

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