Backflow prevention

Backflow prevention

Posted by Hulsey Webmaster on 2 October 2012 | 0 Comments

Backflow is a serious public Health concern and is mandated and enforced by State,

Local and municipal authorities. What is back flow? Simply put, the water in a plumbing system is intended to only flow in one direction. When it exits a household or commercial or industrial system and returns to the city or county water main it represents a very real health concern for the county. After all in a toilet for example the contaminated water from human excrement does come into contact with the water supply in the reservoir. If that water were to leave the commode reservoir and return to the main line of the home or business and then enter the water main of the city it would represent a very serious health concern to the general public.

This is why the county and local municipalities  require a backflow valve be installed between the city supply and the private water supply of a home or business.

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