An International Trucking Nightmare

An International Trucking Nightmare


Here at Hulsey Environmental we like to keep our blogs positive, we like to discuss whats new and good in our world. But sadly our experience with International Trucking leaves us very little to be positive about.  Our newest truck in our proud fleet has been nothing short of a money pit. And while on the surface, International Trucking has been nothing but smiles and good will, It seems their pattern of behaviour is designed to stall and delay to run out the length of the warranty instead of taking responsibility for their product. Here is a recent post we pasted on their facebook page:


We at Hulsey Environmental Find it very interesting that you have a segment called Trucking Truths. We have a truth of our own that we would like to share with your audience. Here at Hulsey we have a fleet of trucks that we use for hauling. One of the trucks we purchased to be the flagship of that fleet was a brand new International Workstar 2011. Out of all the Trucks in the fleet we own, some of those trucks being older. The flagship spends more time in the shop than quite literally all the other trucks put together. Bottom Line, The Workstar is a Lemon. We have experienced nothing but reluctance from International when it comes to honoring the warranty. In fact owning this truck by our estimates has cost us the initial investment over 100 k and probably Twice that in downtime. Companies out there with trucking fleets will know what I mean when I say that A Brand new Tractor Trailer Truck needs to be able to operate to pay for itself, every hour one of these things sits idle is costing the company big money. We would very much like to continue to do business with international trucking, but unless they can stand behind their products I can say as of a certainty we will never buy from them again. Visit our Blog at to learn more about the grief involved in trying to deal with an International Workstar Lemon.

International Truckings response:


INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Hi Hulsey team, we appreciate you reaching out to us. We’d like to help. Please send us a message with more information about your WorkStar (VIN number, your local dealer). Just visit the INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS page and click on “Message” under the cover photo.


On the Surface International Trucking seems to be willing to help, and their authorized dealers have looked, and looked, and  suggested this, and suggested that. But the bottom line: In the last 30 days This Truck that we pay thousands for every month, and many thousands again in wasted time and effort was functional and on the road for a grand total of Three days! As I sit here I look at the GPS log, of all the days this truck sat in the service center, and my head aches just thinking about how much this truck is costing the company! We literally have had this truck out of commission for 27 of the last 30 days. And that is not unusual for this vehicle, it is par for the course.

International workstar is a lemon! Don't buy this truck unless you want misery.


And yet another weekend has gone by, with no sign that our truck is in any better shape that it was last week. It’s true! As hard as it may be to imagine, since I first posted this article about how our truck has been in the shop 27 of the prior 30 days, an additional 9 days have passed. And out of those 9 Days would anyone care to guess how many days our fine International Workstar has been in the International Truck Service Center, instead of running the roadway fulfilling its paid role for our company?

That’s right, an additional 9 days have passed with not one day on the road. This brings us to an average of 3 functional days out of the last 39 (Which is par for the course for this vehicle). International has called us from the service center (regularly), but talk is very cheap. Surely much cheaper than a warranty exchange for a six figure piece of equipment. I understand why there is a reluctance to do the warranty exchange for such a high dollar item. But I cannot imagine any situation occurring at this point, where this Truck can pay for itself. I can’t speak for everyone that owns an International Workstar, I suppose that’s what ‘class action’ is for. However our truck is surely a ‘Lemon’, Everyday it’s costing our company money, We could have hired another full time employee for the amount of money this truck has already cost us. This truck would have to run flawlessly for the next 20 years without so much as a new brakepad being installed to cover the financial damage its already inflicted upon Hulsey Environmental. Considering the track record, that’s not very likely.

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